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Whack Attack Flyball and Fen Acre Dogs

Whack Attack and Fen Acre Dogs

Whack Attack Flyball team was set up in October 2017. Following on from this, Fen Acre Dogs has been set up to  provide a range of dog training classes and activities including:

- Puppy classes

- Basic dog training classes

- 1:1 training

- Fun Agility classes

- Fun Hoopers

and much more.

These classes are led by Ruth, one of the founding members of Whack Attack Flyball Club. Ruth is working towards her IMDT accreditation as a dog trainer and has already completed courses on Canine Body Language, Puppy Foundations and is in the process of completing the IMDT Level 3 in Learning, Modification and Reinforcement. 

Ruth has owned and worked with her own dogs for over 11 years. She has taken part in agility , Hoopers and flyball. 

All courses take place at an enclosed and secure dog training field / venue  at Tick Fen, just outside Chatteris in Cambridgeshire.

To find out more about Whack Attack Flyball club or any of the other training courses that are on offer through Fen Acre Dogs, feel free to contact us at:


Activities available


Hooper's training is an exciting new sport for all dogs both young and old.

The aim of the training is to work with your dog to direct them through a course of hoops and tunnels as accurately and quickly as possible. 

Find out more about this fun activity through Fen Acre Dogs.

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Whack Attack Flyball Club

Whack Attack Flyball Club now runs three competitive teams that take part in competitions across the country.

Find out more about the club and how you can get involved.

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Fun Agility

Fun Agility offers the opportunity for dogs and their owners to sample the fun of agility by introducing them to the basics of the sport in a relaxed way.

Find out more about this great dog sport on offer through Fen Acre Dogs.

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