Fun Agility

Having fun with your best friend!

Agility is one of the most popular and well known dog sports. It involves a handler working with their dog to direct them over and through a series of obstacles including jumps, tunnels, weaving through poles etc. It is an excellent way to build an excellent bond between you and your dog, exercise for both the dog and handler and most importantly.....lots of fun.

Many people compete in competitions across the country and agility is one of the highlights of Crufts every year.

Many of the members of Whack Attack Dog Sport have experience in Agility from training their own dogs to competing in various competitions. 

Whack Attack Fun Agility's aims is to provide novice dog owners with their first taste of this fun sport. We can offer fun 1:1 sessions that teach the basics.

We are also able to offer the opportunity to use the equipment that we have, for those more experienced handlers who want to practice between competitions. 

If you are interested in either of these opportunities then contact us by sending us a message through the Contact Us page.