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Welcome to Whack Attack Flyball Club. Founded in 2017 by two friends who met through the exciting sport of Flyball and decided to set up their own club. Although the club has only been running for a short time, the majority of the members have been part of the sport for many years.

The club is a member of the UKFL (UK Flyball Association) and the BFA (British Flyball Association)  and take part in competitions across the country throughout the year.

The Club regularly runs 3 teams of dogs. To find out more, see the current team line ups below.

Whack Attack Flyball Teams

What is Flyball?


Flyball is a fast and fun dog sport where a team of 4 dogs work in relay to jump a series of jumps, retrieve a tennis ball and then returning down the same 4 jumps allowing the next dog to take their turn. Two teams race each other to see who can complete the course first!

Sounds simple? Well its not as easy as you think! It takes a lot of training to teach the dogs (and their handlers!) to do this sport safely. Some of the fastest teams in the world can run their four dog teams in under 16 seconds so safety of the dogs and the handlers is the top priority.

But its not all about speed. Thousands of dogs love taking part in this sport and it helps to keep them fit and healthy.

So if you think you and your dog might be interested in getting involved then contact us to find out more.

Whack Attack Flyball Teams

Whack Attack


Whack Attack is the fastest team that the club currently runs. This picture was taken following the teams recent Divisional Win at the 2017 UKFL Championships where the team succeeded in setting a new time of 17.58 seconds! 

Whack and Wonder


Whack and Wonder is the second fastest team that the club runs. They recently earned themselves second place within their division at the 2017 UKFL Championships.

Whack and Hope


Whack and Hope is our third fastest team. Although it features some of our more 'mature' and experienced dogs, it also includes one of our youngest handlers! Just goes to prove Flyball is for all ages, both canine and human! At the recent 2017 UKFL Champs, the team secured second place in their division.

Fun Flyball Taster courses


Are you interested?

Want to find out more?

Whack Attack run 6 week taster sessions to give dog owners a chance to experience the exciting sport of Flyball. 

Click on the link below to find out about our next Flyball Taster Course. 

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